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Tabriz Sogol Rug – 285 x 205

Tabriz Sogol Rug

Tabriz Sogol Rug with Curves and Arabesques quality are hand-knotted from the greatest lamb’s wool, the finest rug from Iran that showcase the beauty of a classic traditional piece.

SKU: 101000(285)

CATEGORY: Traditional

Size: 285 x 205

Material: Wool

Origin: Iran

The quality of hand-knotted wool Tabriz works with the greatest cotton and knots from Iran. This piece mixed perfectly red, navy blue and beige shades with an intricate flower design in traditional classic rug. It is a beautiful piece that accentuated the details on a dark background.

Different quality of Tabriz’s based on the wool, colours, design and how fine the knotting is and this is one of the finest quality.

It can be a great addition to a rug collectors or enthusiasts collection .

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