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Hand-made rugs are not just a piece of furniture, they are a piece of art. The best quality of hand-knotted rugs takes the artisans more than 1 year to produce that single piece. The amount of time and skills needed to construct a handmade rug is worthy of appreciation. A handmade rug can be passed on for generations and has resale value whereas a machine-made rug doesn’t.

It all depends on the quality of material used, the qualities made like hand knotted, tufted or woven and design. You may be able to find a handmade natural fibre rug which will cost you same or lesser than some machine-made ones. We assure you that, you will not regret the amount you pay to buy a handmade rug, they are not just a piece of furniture, they are works of art that an artisan spends months or even years to produce.

Wool’s structure makes it naturally stain resistant. Spillages on wool rugs tend to stay on top rather than sink through, like they do with synthetic fibres. We do recommend that any spills must be cleaned quickly to avoid lasting stains. There is a spray that we recommend to all our customers which vanishes even red wine stains. As handmade, natural fibre rugs are more durable hence they keep their forms better. In case of major stains, you can always come to us, and we can clean and wash them for you.

We are the largest supplier of handmade rugs in Australia, we have an extensive range of handmade traditional and modern rugs. Our assortment of rugs is not limited to our showroom, we have abundant resources overseas through which we can find the most impossible rug imaginable. If we can’t find them, you can get creative and custom makes them by selecting your own colours, shapes, sizes and even materials to bring the rug of your imagination to life.

There are 2 ways in which we can help you, one is you can measure the maximum and minimum area that you want the rug in and take a photo of the room and bring it to us. Or, one of our expert team members can attend to your home and measure and show you the size you need.

We realise that choosing the perfect rug for your home is a major decision and not an easy job; hence we offer the service of in-home trials. You can choose multiple rugs and we can bring them to your home, place them all individually and help you choose the best rug for your home.

The technique, skills, quality of material use and the durability that handmade rugs have, these rugs can bear the weight of the heaviest furniture in your home. So, no, your rug will not get damaged if you put it under furniture, it is very common to do so.

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