Sarabi’s Home Rug Viewings
Sarabi’s Home Rug Viewings

We Are Ready to Style Your Beautiful Home

  • You may choose the Sarabi rugs that most appeal to you right here on our website
  • We may make several suggestions of our own based on years of experience of working with home owners and designers.
  • We will come to your home with a small truck full of choices. We will be masked up, using hand sanitiser and maintaining social distancing.

Please complete our form below so that we can begin short listing rugs for your home rug viewing.

Sarabi's Home Rug Viewings

Sarabi’s Rug sale

Discuss Your Styles and Needs with us. We will prepare a selection of Rugs to bring to your home for a private viewing.
A good idea is to start by taking a number of good photos of your room at different times of the day and from different angles.
Another good idea is to include views to adjacent rooms to give a good idea of the general colour scheme of your home. You can send them to us by mobile phone.
Sarabi's Home Rug Viewings
Sarabi's Home Rug Viewings

We can visit you at your home with a selection of rugs to suit your style

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