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Pomegranate Red Specked Latest Afghan Design Rug Super Fine NZ Wool Weg Dye (203 x 155)cm

Red Specked Mamluk Rug 203 x 155

Traditional Mamluk Rug style Rug in a beautiful colour combination.

SKU: 921

Size: 203 x 155

CATEGORY: Traditional

Origin : Afghanistan



The oldest mention of rug weaving under the Mamluks comes from the Venetian traveler Giosafat Barbaro, who noticed that the quality of carpets created in Tabriz was superior to those produced in Cairo during his visit to Tabriz in 1474, is now produced in Afghanistan.

These carpets are distinguished by its design, which is generally dominated by geometric designs and was predominantly red with blues, yellows, and green highlights. But in todays time these come in many different colours.

They are flamboyant and works for both modern and traditional homes because of its distinguishing geometric patterns.

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