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Qum Super Fine Vintage Double Hand Knotted Rug German Dye Iran(340 x 239)cm

Qum Superfine Vintage

Qum superfine vintage rug. A really beautiful rug with age and character.

Size: 340 x 239

SKU: 100095

CATEGORY: Vintage, Traditional

Origin: Iran

Original price was: $11,800.00.Current price is: $8,300.00.


Qum rugs are created in Iran’s Qom Province, around 100 kilometres south of Tehran. Despite the fact that rug weaving was not a big industry in Qom until the last century, the city’s magnificent silk and wool carpets are noted for their exceptional quality and are among the most costly in the world.  Because the value of Persian Qum carpets increases over time, they are considered as an investment.

This Superfine vintage Qum is made from lamb’s wool providing its a lustrous feel and look and the colours on this Qum are impeccable and unique combination.

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