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Pitch Black Pictorial Gabbeh – 383 x 270

Pitch Black Pictorial Gabbeh

The beauty of this type of Gabbeh’s are the gorgeous variations and combination of colour they come in. The pitch black base and colourful patterns makes it a great combination.

SKU: A-367
CATEGORY: Traditional

Size: 383 x 270

Origin: Afghanistan

Material: Lamb’s Wool

Price: $8,273

Pictorial Gabbeh have a very distinct repetitive patterns of either line, geometric shapes, or animal motifs on them depending on which style Gabbeh it is. Gabbehs are composed of pure, hand spun wool yarn with natural plant dyes.

They are very versatile as they meld well with both traditional and contemporary styles. They have a strong weave and a dense structure.

The beauty of this type of  Pictorial Gabbeh’s are the gorgeous variations and combination  of colour they come in and unique patterns they have. Even in this piece we can see the pitch black background gives a great contrasting base for the patterns to stand out.

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