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Mint Green Kashan Rug – 350 x 225

Mint Green Kashan Rug

Beautiful Kashan rug in traditional design, in a mint green coloured  base.

SKU: 101134

CATEGORY: Traditional

Size: 350 x 225

Origin: Iran

Price: $4,725

The most famous Persian rug, found in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London is said to be a Kashan rug.

The supreme quality Kashan are hand-knotted from finest quality lamb’s wool on a cotton foundation with very fine Persian knots. Different quality of Kashan’s based on the wool, colours, design and how fine the knotting is and this is one of the finest quality.

With intricate designs and supreme quality wool and knotting used in making this rug makes its such a timeless piece. And this Kashan unlike others is in a beautiful mint green.

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