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Marmalade Orange Waziri Rug ,Double Hand Knotted , NZ Wool, Weg Dye,Afghan (361 x 264)cm

Marmalade Orange Waziri Rug 361 x 264

The beauty of the Waziri Rug designs are the colourful geometric motifs on a more subtle base colour.

We provide Authenticity Certificate after purchase

SKU: A – 369
CATEGORY: Traditional

Size: 361 x 264

Origin: Afghanistan

Material: Lamb’s Wool

Original price was: $10,750.00.Current price is: $7,620.00.


These rugs are well-recognized for their striking aesthetic, durability, and highly saturated naturally dyed colour tones, and have long been collected for their rugged authenticity.

The quality of the lamb’s wool and the fine knotting of this rug provides it a lustre like silk.

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