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Inky Blue Antique Medallion Hamedan Rug – 194 x 127

Inky Blue Antique Medallion Hamedan Rug

Simple yet striking Persian Hamedan design rug. These are hand double knotted , pure wool rugs.

They are in a beautiful mix of dark and light colours. It would look great in wooden flooring.

SKU: 100735 (88)
Origin : Iran
Isze: 194 x 127
CATEGORY: Traditional
Price: $5,250


The term “Hamadan” refers to a variety of carpets made in the area Hamedan. The region of Hamadan is known for its ancient carpets. They were tied using cotton warp knots. The name Shahr-baff, which combines the words city and knots, was given to them. These carpets are very hard to come by.

In essence, carpets with this provenance are regular carpets that are very strong due to their strength. These are usually in geometric pattern and warm colours. It is bold, bright and beautiful. This one has a very tribal look to it, with a inky blue as a dominant colour and making the medallion stand out.


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