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Frame Designed Kashmar Rug Double hand Knotted, fine handspan lamb Wool, Weg Dye,Iran (403 x 296)cm

Frame Designed Kashmar – 403 x 296

Hand double knotted lamb’s wool rugs from Iran. Each frame has a story of its own.

SKU: 100119

CATEGORY: Traditional

Size: 403 x 296

Original price was: $14,500.00.Current price is: $11,300.00.


Eastern Iran’s Khorasan Province is home to the city of Kashmar. Kashmar rugs have been woven since the early 1500s. They are exceptionally rare and significant historically.

Kashmar rugs recount the tales of the area’s rich history and cultural life. Many expert weavers who use Persian knots to produce their exquisite works of art are found in Kashmar.

This rug it like a collage of framed pictures, each frame depicts a different story and also cohesively coming together.

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