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SOLD Warm Blue Ziegler Rug ,Double hand Knotted ,NZ Handspan Wool ,Weg Dye, Afghan (297 x 200)cm

Warm Blue Ziegler Rug,NZ handspan Wool Double hand knotted,

Stunning Arctic Blue hand double knotted Floral Zeigler Design lamb’s wool rug.


SKU: J30170

Size: 297 x 200

CATEGORY: Traditional

Origin: Afghanistan


Ziegler Rugs are very fine, hand double knotted rugs from Afghanistan. Hand spun lamb’s wool and vegetable dyes are used in this type of rug giving it a sheen.

In Arctic Blue colour, floral all over pattern , this rug is detailed without being too busy. This style goes well with both traditional and modern style houses.

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