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Antique Malayer Rug,Fine Lamb Wool,Double Hand Knotted,Weg Dye Iran (182 x 110)cm

Antique Malayer Rug 182 x 110

Wool and silk hand knotted Antique Malayer Rug from Iran. It can be a great addition to a rug collectors or enthusiasts collection .

we provide authenticity certificate after purchase

SKU: 33360

Size: 182 x 110

CATEGORY: Vintage Tribal

Origin: Iran


Malayer, a town in western Iran’s Hamadan Province’s south-west, is where Malayer rugs are made. The semi-nomadic people prefer to use the same methods and resources that have been in use for Centuries  rather than adopt modern practises, and have maintained the authenticity in their work. Over 90 Years Old

 It is made from wool and  more than 90 years old but in a great condition.

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