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Vintage Mashad – 385 x 286

Vintage Mashad

Hand double knotted , pure wool, distressed design , vintage rugs. Rugs like fine wine gets better with age.

Over the year it builds more beauty and character.

SKU: 100887 (112)


Size: 385 x 296

Material: Wool

Price: $5,700

They are hand double knotted from pure lamb’s wool. It would look great in both Modern and Traditional houses.

Mashad, one of the oldest cities in Iran, the capital of the huge province of Khorassan, which is located across north-eastern Iran, is where Mashad rugs are made.

These carpets are simple to identify thanks to their well-known medallions that are encircled by floral designs. Red tones frequently predominate, with blue tones in the border. But over the year the colours fade, the piles are gone creating this beautiful vintage masterpiece.

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