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Space Blue Khorjin Runner – 513 x 80

Space Blue Khorjin Runner

Khorjin is a hand-knotted Nomadic rug made from lamb’s wool.It’s design is inspired by the tribal saddlebag. This background colour of space blue gives this runner richness.

SKU: A-379

CATEGORY: Traditional

Size: 513 x 80

Origin: Afghanistan

Material: Lamb’s Wool

Price: $3,283

They are mostly very lively, vibrant and we call them transitional style rugs as they are well balanced mixture of modern and traditional designs.

This very piece is a great amalgamation of different vibrant colours together without being overpowering as it is on pale mocha base. It has just the right amount of subtle and bright.

These rugs are made of fine quality lamb’s wool giving the pile on the rugs sheen and soft feel. The durability of them is unquestionable as they are hand double knotted.

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