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Royal Blue Mahal Runner – 425 x 88

Royal Blue Mahal Runner

These gorgeous carpets stand out from the others because to their creative and refined design.  Since they are incredibly decorative and have an appealing aesthetic quality it draws in more purchasers.

They are in deep warm colours to bring some warmth to your house. It would look great in wooden flooring, as the rich midnight blue with other colours makes it even more attractive.

SKU: 101056 (302)
Origin : Iran
Size: 425 x 88
Price: $1,575

Since the 19th century, Persian Mahal rugs have established a solid reputation among weavers due to its tremendous appeal to both rug connoisseurs and interior designers.The village of Mahallat in the area of Arak is where the word “Mahal” originates.

Numerous Mahals include large colour palettes and all-over vine work patterns. Due to their widespread popularity and market presence, carpets from the Shah Abbas era had a significant influence on these patterns.


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