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Persian Pixel Old Antique Bakhtiar – 239 x 155

Persian Pixel Old Antique Bakhtiar

Persian Bakhtiar tribal rug , Super fine quality made from extremely skilful Persian artisans.

This piece is lively, colourful, and has a very unique design and look to it. This rug is crafted with such skills that even when hand knotted has a pixelated or painted look to it.

SKU: 100737 (86)

Size: 239 x 155


Price: $4,500

Bakhtiar or Bakhtiari carpets are thick and strong because they are constructed of resilient wool and were beaten with great force, making them among the most durable Persian carpets.

The Khesti (garden motif), a well-known design where the carpet is divided into squares with flora and animals to represent the Persian garden, but also medallions and life tree-motifs appear with influences from the Isfahan carpets, is another common pattern.

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