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Peacock Blue Sari Silk Rug – 228 x 134

Peacock Blue Sari Silk Rug

Contemporary, modern textured hand knotted pure Sari silk rug in a majestic shade of Peacock blue with flecks of gold.

Size: 228 x 134
SKU: B-10037
Origin: India
Price: $1,344

Hand double knotted , textured rug from India.

Subtle pattern adds texture and character to this rug .It has simplicity and elegance, an ideal match for a contemporary, modern home.

The silk used to makes sari a traditional wear is India is the silk that is used to make this rug as well. various shades of peacock blue with speck of gold gives is a make alluring look as a peacocks feather.

This design can be resized to fit the exact measurements of your place.

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