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Marble Rainbow Grass – 428 x 314 cms

Marble Rainbow Grass

Contemporary, modern textured hand knotted Rainbow Grass. The mixture of colours gives it a look like marble.

Size: 418 x 314
SKU: 1102 RE
Origin: India
Material: New Zealand Wool
Price: $5,775

Hand double knotted , textured rug from India.

Subtle pattern adds texture and character to this rug. It is all about colours and variation. It has simplicity and elegance, an ideal match for a contemporary, modern home.

Because of the colour combination and the textured pattern of the rug it makes it look like marble. It had a various shades of blue and greys with hints of browns in it.

This design can be resized to fit the exact measurements of your place or custom made to your size and colour.

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