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Flower Bijar Runner Double Hand Knotted Rug Lamb Wool Weg Dye Iran (408 x 93)cm

Flower Bijar Runner

High quality , hand double knotted Persian Bijar Runner.

SKU: 50444
Size: 408 x 93
Origin: Iran

Original price was: $4,790.00.Current price is: $3,035.00.


Flower Bijar Runner’s are made by Kurdish people who inhabit the small town in western Iran. The tight knotting of Kurdish carpets is well-known. They make knots and pile so compact that the rug can stand almost vertically upward.

These rugs are dust resistant comparatively to other rugs because of the way it is made, the very high density and compression of knots makes it difficult for the dust particles to get in the pile and as a result the rug will last a centuries if you take proper care of it.

It has beautiful, intricate floral allover patterns giving it a very vibrant look.

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