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Floral Medallion Heriz Rug – 320 x 220

Floral Heriz Rug

Heriz from Iran. These rugs have a very plush and soft feel to them.

It is a Tribal rug, and though it is more of a traditional rug, you will be surprised how well it works in modern setting as well. Finely hand knotted geometric and floral design.

SKU: 101123 (246)

Size: 320 x 220


Origin: Iran

Price: $4,224

Heriz Tribal rugs are produced in a village of the same name in the sloped of Mount Sabalan, Iran.

The unique thing about these rugs is that they are woven from memory without any sketch of the design. Usually, they come with geometric patterns with a large medallion dominant in the middle, however this one is with a large floral one.

They are known for their durability and can be passed on from generations to generation. They are extremely high quality rugs.

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