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Trible Green Bokhara Runner NZ Handspan Wool &silk (196 x 82)cm

Fern Green Bokhara Runner 196 x 82

The beauty of these runners lies on their lustrous look and smooth silky feel.

Size: 196 x 82

Origin: Pakistan


Original price was: $980.00.Current price is: $770.00.

Nomadic tribes created the first Bokhara Runner, which were later woven in Pakistan and India. Bokhara was a major commercial centre in Turkmenistan, and the town’s namesake was used as the name of the rugs.

Bokhara are amongst the most popular handmade rugs in the world. The Pakistani Bokhara has an extremely lustrous look and tremendously soft and thick pile, thanks to a blend of NZ wool and indigenous Pakistani wool on a cotton foundation. Bokhara’s are either made from wool or wool & silk. It is in a beautiful fern green colour to give an earthy look.

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