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Copper Red Gazney Runner – 779 x 85

Copper Red Gazney Runner

These are  Gazney Runners with floral design these are traditional runners that would look great in a contemporary household as well. The coppery red gives it a very rich earthy tones.

SKU: 14611-S

Size: 779 x 85

Price: $7,050


The literal meaning of Choobi in Farsi is wood like, these rugs even though are hand double knotted from wool is considered as strong as wood.

They are famous for being long-lasting, reliable, and great quality, as most of the high-quality, hand knotted rugs they can be an heirloom that can be passed on for generations.

They work incredibly well with both contemporary and traditional looks and in a earthy dark tones to help you brighten up your hallway.

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