History of handwoven Rugs

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History of handwoven Rugs

Ancient textiles and handmade rugs have been made for over 2000 years. Over the centuries, several epics, ancient writings and miniature paintings allude to the handmade rugs of the time, emphasizing their beauty. Homer’s writings and the legend of the great Baharestan (famous garden rugs of the ancient Persian Sassanids) provide verbal evidence of the existence of rugs from this period.

The rich history of handwoven rugs dates back at least 2,500 years.

The discovery in 1949 by Russian archaeologists of the oldest surviving pile of his rug in the world was decisive for researchers and rug enthusiasts alike, as authentic samples from antiquity provided valuable information. It was a moment. This elegant rug was named Pazyryk after the place where it was found in the Altai Mountains. The intricate design and exquisite craftsmanship of this beautiful rug suggest a long history, and thanks to carbon testing, it has been dated to 500 BC. date.

The history of rugs is closely linked to the history of human habitation. The first handmade rugs arose out of people’s basic needs for warmth, beds, shrouds for the dead, and bags to carry their belongings, especially during the nomadic era when tribes moved from one place to another.

It is believed that a simple, functional rug can create a protected area from sand, wind and rain. Because of this property of the first rugs , early versions of rugs production can be identified.

Is very difficult. The artistic and decorative aspects of rug-making emerged in later centuries. Evidence shows that rugs soon became objects people could imbue with spiritual elements. I started incorporating patterns that reflected my emotional state. As a result, each handmade rug has its own spirit. It is projected that as the quality and design of rugs improved, they must have acquired increasing economic value for weavers.

Bespoke craft

However, until more people turned to sedentary lifestyles and gained the comforts of a more stable lifestyle, textile craft was largely personal and private. Appeared and saw the “sale of rugs”. In the days of kings and palaces, handwoven rugs were objects of fame. Skilled craftsmen were brought into the palace to create bespoke and unique rugs for the king.

Over time, the rug trade network expanded beyond every corner of Asia into western markets. Increased commercial demand has led each tribe to develop distinctive elements in their products to make them easily recognizable.They wanted their designs to be exclusive to their tribe.

Visit our Persian rugs blog to learn more about the different patterns and designs that originate from Persian tribes and cities. As technology and trade advanced, more sophisticated and decorative rugs and area rugs became popular. Some of these were made of silk, which is more delicate in high-traffic areas, so people hung them on their walls like very precious paintings. Today this precious art is known all over the world and is an important part of interior design. With a rich history, hand-knotted luxury rugs are also of collector’s value and are considered investments.

To get a taste of this beautiful art form, we invite you to take a tour of our online shop.


RugAdvice offers professional rugs repair and restoration.

Since opening our North Willoughby store, we have served hundreds of satisfied customers with our repair and traditional rugs cleaning services.

Our Services include:

Professional rugs Cleaning

Professional rugs Repair

History of handwoven carpets handwoven RugsRestoration

New Fringe

New Side

Gradation Repair

Care, Restoration and Care of all rugs Using Only Old Traditional Techniques. Or small.

Please contact us for details.

Traditional rug cleaning in North Willoughby

rugs are prone to collecting dirt and dust, so proper rugs cleaning is necessary to help increase durability without affecting the weave or wool. To all our valued customers and other rug owners by providing the best wash on traditional rugs without harsh chemicals that can degrade natural/organic dyes We provide ongoing support for Honest price.

Quality handwoven (handmade) rugs and Persian rugs are carefully washed once a year in North Willoughby to protect them from dust and dirt and to brighten the colors of the fabric. This process also aids in rugs care, maintenance, and overall lifespan.

The traditional hand-laid cleaning services we offer our North Willoughby guests are unmatched in quality and care. For us, a rug is not just woven wool. Our life stories are interwoven with them. For this reason, we are very proud to offer exceptional quality rug washing in North Willoughby by experienced and trained hands who understand the importance of rugs. Surface fibres such as dirt, sand and animal proteins are removed without damaging it.

subtle rug cleaning service

Rug Advice applies traditional cleaning methods to handwoven Persian, Afghan, modern and vintage rugs, using only organic detergents specifically designed to remove dirt and stains, leaving your rugs refreshed and revitalized Increase.


Our professional rug cleaning includes:
  • General rugs cleaning in North Willoughby(wool, silk, kilim)

Remove stains and pet urine

Insect-proof rugs cleaning service

  • Processing takes 7-14 days
  • We provide a free pick-up service for local residents.

If you have any questions about Oriental rugs, Contemporary rugs or rug wash, please email or text us a photo of the rug. We will send you a free quote for our rug cleaning service.

Feel free to contact us on 0423 871 209 for more information.

Try before you buy!

We understand that choosing the right rugs for your home is a very personal process. Matching the room, style, and decor to your choices can be difficult. We are there for you with our experienced team.

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