Rug Fitting Guide- Finding the Perfect Rug for Every Space

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Discovering the ideal rug for your space is an exciting journey that needs a rug fitting guide, and at Sarabis, we guide you perfectly through it. Much more than a mere décor element, a rug is a statement piece that harmonises colour, warmth, and texture in any room. Our years of expertise at Sarabis have equipped us with the knowledge to emphasise that selecting the right size is paramount for both aesthetics and functionality.

A rug that is too small might seem misplaced, while an oversized one can overwhelm the room. Achieving the perfect balance in size, considering the room’s shape and furniture layout, is the key to transforming your space. To simplify this process, Sarabis proudly presents a comprehensive rug fitting guide filled with valuable insights and tips to ensure you find your ideal rug match effortlessly.

Complete Rug Fitting Guide: What is the Perfect Rug for Every Space?

Welcome to our exclusive rug fitting guide, your comprehensive resource for transforming every corner of your home with the perfect rug size. At Sarabis, we understand that each space holds unique possibilities, and the right rug can elevate its ambience. Explore the rug fitting guide below for expert insights tailored to different areas of your home:

1. Living Room Rug Styles:

   – Large Area Rugs: Embrace spacious elegance by choosing a rug that accommodates all living room furniture, extending beyond the front legs for a cohesive look.

   – Mid-Size Rugs: Create a sense of connection by opting for a rug that partially fits under the front legs, offering a balance between coverage and openness.

   – Small Area Rugs: In cozier spaces, a smaller rug under the coffee table can provide unity without overwhelming the room.

   – Runner Rugs: Define specific areas in open living spaces with a runner rug, perfect for sections like the TV console or a reading nook.

   – Layered Rugs: Unlock a trendy and eclectic aesthetic by experimenting with a layered rug. Combine a larger, neutral rug with a smaller, patterned one for added texture.

2. Bedroom Rug Styles:

   – Under-Bed Rug: Transform your bedroom into a haven by placing a large rug under the bed, extending from the sides and foot for a soft landing.

   – Bedside Rugs: Add a touch of coziness with two smaller rugs on each side of the bed, creating a plush surface for your feet.

   – Runner Rug: Elevate your bedroom decor with a runner rug at the foot of the bed, introducing luxury and elegance.

   – Accent Rug: Infuse style with a smaller accent rug at the bedroom entrance or in front of a dressing table for a chic focal point.

Rug Fitting Guide- Finding the Perfect Rug for Every Space

3. Dining Room Rug Styles:

   – Full Dining Table Coverage: To ensure ultimate comfort during your dining experience, it’s essential to choose a rug that extends at least 24 inches beyond your table and chairs.

   – Partial Table Coverage: Opt for a rug that partially covers the dining area, ensuring all chair legs remain on the rug when pulled out.

   – Round Rug: For round dining tables, a circular rug that complements the table’s shape can be a stylish choice.

4. Kitchen Rug Styles:

   – Runner Rug: Introduce both comfort and protection with a long, narrow runner rug along your kitchen countertop or island.

   – Small Accent Rug: Enhance comfort and style by placing a small rug in front of the sink or stove.

   – Area Rug: In larger kitchens, create a cozy feel with a medium-sized area rug in the central space.

Rug Fitting Guide- Finding the Perfect Rug for Every Space

5. Rugs for Different Other Areas:

   – Entryway: Welcome guests with a stylish mat or small area rug to prevent dirt from entering your home.

   – Hallway Rug: Add comfort to high-traffic hallways with long-runner rugs.

   – Study Area Rug: Elevate your intellectual space with a rug in study or reading nooks for added comfort and style.

6. Children’s Special Rug Styles:

   – Nursery Rugs: Ensure a soft and cozy play area for your little one in nurseries.

   – Children’s Rooms Rug: Spark creativity and playfulness with colourful and durable rugs that withstand active kids’ wear and tear.

Embark on a journey of style and comfort with Sarabis’ rug fitting guide, your key to redefining every space in your home.

Wool vs Polypropylene Rugs

Discover the Art of Rug Selection

Unlock the full potential of your living spaces with Sarabis, your go-to destination for quality rugs. Our comprehensive rug fitting guide ensures you make informed choices, focusing not only on size but also on style.

Elevate the ambience of your living room with our guide on popular rug styles. From timeless traditional rug styles like Persian rugs, perfect for adding a classic touch, to the clean lines and bold colours of contemporary rug styles, we have styles to suit every taste. Embrace the eclectic and vibrant atmosphere of Bohemian Rugs, or indulge in ultimate comfort with our plush Shaggy Rugs.

In the bedroom, comfort is key, and the right material enhances the experience. Explore ideal materials for bedroom rugs, such as the softness and durability of Wool, the easy-to-clean and cosy feel of Cotton, or the luxurious elegance of Silk. For high-traffic areas, Synthetic Fibers like polyester or nylon offer durability and easy maintenance.

Kazak Rug

At Sarabis, we understand that each room has its unique requirements. Dive into our living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and specialised children’s room rug styles, each offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. From Full Dining Table Coverage in the dining room to Runner Rugs in the kitchen, we guide you through choosing the right rug size and style for every space.

At Sarabis, we believe in making your rug selection journey enjoyable and rewarding. Our commitment to quality and style is unmatched, ensuring that every rug from our rug store becomes a cherished part of your home. Trust Sarabis for all your rug needs, and let our rug fitting guide and expertise help you transform your living spaces into havens of comfort and style. Every space deserves the perfect rug.