Have You Ever Considered a Rug Trade-In?

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Have You Ever Considered a Rug Trade-In?

Have You Ever Considered a Rug Trade-In?

One possibility is that you have inherited a rug which you have been told is valuable but you may feel terribly guilty about not wanting to keep it just because it is not your style. The rug may be in need of small repairs. There are a few options.

Is it worth repairing it to sell it If no-one else in the family is interested in repairing and owning the rug?  Another option is to consider a rug trade-in.

There are options to exchange your rug for a discount on something that suits your taste better.  A handmade rug will always find a good home if you give it a chance.

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Sarabis Fine Rugs have an exciting range of newborn transitional and modern pieces in exciting colours and styles. From our vast range we can help you choose something which suits your style better.

Persian and Oriental rugs can last for a very long time, examples such as the Famous Ardabil Rug are over a thousand years old and have been extensively repaired. While carpets are normally laid on the floor, in some regions such as Russia, and in other periods of time, they were mainly used as wall coverings. Stabilisation, repair and wall-hanging can be an option for you to continue to enjoy your antique rugs. Older Kelims with uneven wear can also be used creatively in upholstery or to make stools.