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Hand woven rugs Sydney

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At Sarabis, we pride ourselves on offering the finest handwoven rugs Sydney. Our collection features exquisite designs, each meticulously crafted by skilled rug weavers. Hand-knotted rugs are not just floor coverings; they are a testament to the artistry and dedication of their makers. Whether you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your living room or searching for a statement piece for your office, our handwoven rugs Sydney are the perfect choice.

Each handmade rug Australia in our hand-knotted rug shop Sydney is unique, showcasing intricate patterns and vibrant colours that reflect cultural traditions and craftsmanship. The durability and beauty of our handwoven rugs make them an excellent investment for any home.

At Sarabis, we ensure that every hand-tufted rug we offer meets the highest quality standards, providing our customers with pieces that will be cherished for years. Explore our collection and discover the timeless elegance of handwoven carpets Sydney at Sarabis.

Hand woven rugs Sydney hand-knotted rug

Many people might call an abstract rug “Modern”.

However, the abstract movement in European art took off in the 1940’s, having taken baby steps for decades before. Think about artists like Mondrian (1872-1944).

So we really have to think about what modern means and what really is “Conception”?

In the middle east, a loosening of the style of artistic expression had begun with the prohibition of the representation of human and even animal figures in Islamic art. That’s how all those amazing purely geometric rugs became popular.  Do you see how it all fits?

So now you may ask how do you tell if a conceptual rug is a good example of this artistic style or not?

Are some conceptual rugs “better” than others? Starting with a demand for quality raw materials we aim to source and produce the most artistically pleasing rugs possible.

Please browse our gallery and should you not find exactly what you need, remember that we can help you to design a custom one-off handmade conceptual rug. This can be an exciting project.

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